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Horoscope for dates between 19 Feb 2020, Wed - 26 Feb 2020, Wed

Moon in Square

Your over-the-top emotionality and your dithering will probably affect your performance. Currently you tend to be more sensitive when it comes to your ego, even the smallest taunt might really get to you. Do not let your moods control your personality or your behaviour as during such times you are losing far more energy than necessary, instead try to save it. Since your vitality is currently weaker than usual treat yourself to more relaxing times and have some vitamins.

Jupiter in Trine

During this phase your self-confidence gets a boost and you should try to capitalize on that when asserting yourself and getting your plans across. Stepping-up your social ambition and initiative at this time can easily sway some luck and success your way. Within your grasp now lies personal development and further growth of your identity, framed as either the pursuit of travel, studies or the discovery of your more spiritual side. Possible scenarios also include a promotion, positive change in your financial circumstances or a new acquaintance who will prove beneficial. Having greater than usual energy positively reflects in your health as well. Typical traits also include zest for life and a passing bout of light-heartedness. You tend to gravitate towards more refined company which just might be a prelude to meeting some influential people who might turn out to be of use at a later stage of your life. The time to solve any legal trouble you might have is now.

Neptune in Opposition

Watch out for machinations and illusions, during this period of time your ego is in a seriously weakened state. Currently your adversaries have a better chance to keep up with you or even deal a blow to your ego. Do not let yourself get swayed by too-good-to-be-true promises or visions (and beware of frauds, charlatans and sects). Also try to avoid glorifying your own persona because that might easily get out of hand and end in a number of delusions. Particularly proud people might find themselves subject to some ridicule during these days, the current influence should however point them (but not only them) towards some humility and an examination of their own behaviour. Disorientation, confusion, chaos, distortion of reality or straight up escape from might also play a big part during the reign of this constellation. If you manage to keep your feet on the ground, this down-to-earth approach might just become your greatest asset during this time.

Moon in Trine

The increase in your perceptivity and stability should enable you to make a good impression during negotiations or when trying to win the affection of your loved ones. You should also be able to win the affection of your closest circles by behaving in a careful and attentive way. Now is the time for dealing with private matters and solving family problems. Visiting your acquaintances or spending time on some wellness treatments might be a good idea on how to spend your free time.

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