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Born between 23 Aug - 27 Aug

Horoscope for dates between 19 Feb 2020, Wed - 26 Feb 2020, Wed

Mars in Trine

The current influx of energy or some entrepreneurial spirit might help you to win some recognition either for yourself or for your plans. The actions of your close circles might probably match your own pursuits much more than usual, which might encourage you. This might be a good time for sports or some physical activity in general. Currently the fat is getting burned faster and this might serve as a motivating factor for people with a bit of extra weight to exercise more.

Uranus in Trine

Do not be afraid of going for new experience, the dare will be worth it. Some of the more exciting adventures might greatly enrich your life. Any changes undertaken during this period of time might have a positive impact in particular on your personality. Now you might have a great chance to leave any stifling relationships or too constricting pursuits behind you. Your improved agility and originality might currently prove to be your greatest assets, especially when it comes to organizing various events or improving your social standing. Keep in mind that if you dare to stand out from the crowd or disrupt the routine the reward might be well worth it. During this time better make your own decisions and put the advice of others aside. This time is ideal for anything connected to your personal development, progress or self-discovery.

Moon in Trine

The increase in your perceptivity and stability should enable you to make a good impression during negotiations or when trying to win the affection of your loved ones. You should also be able to win the affection of your closest circles by behaving in a careful and attentive way. Now is the time for dealing with private matters and solving family problems. Visiting your acquaintances or spending time on some wellness treatments might be a good idea on how to spend your free time.

Sun in Opposition

A conflict between your very nature and your current behaviour. You might get forced to do something against your will. People who have a certain sort of power over you might hamper your efforts of winning recognition (for instance your boss, father, husband...). This might not be the best time for any kind of dealings and cooperation with authorities and institutions. The circumstances might not exactly play into your hands. Your vitality is currently weaker and your immunity lower. Go for some more vitamins and relax a little.

Moon in Opposition

Your over-the-top emotionality and your dithering will probably affect your performance. Currently you tend to be more sensitive when it comes to your ego, even the smallest taunt might really get to you. Do not let your moods control your personality or your behaviour as during such times you are losing far more energy than necessary, instead try to save it. Since your vitality is currently weaker than usual treat yourself to more relaxing times and have some vitamins.

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