Void of Course Calculator

Void of Course Moon Calculation, Horary Astrology Helper Tool

This is a free tool to help you determine if a planet is Void of Course. While this is mostly used by Horary and Electional astrologers, Void of Course status has also meaning for natal chart interpretations, therefore this information is also part of our Personal Horoscope

A planet is Void of Course after it has made it's last major aspect in a sign. It has to finish the rest of the journey towards the end of the sign without any help or interference from other planets. 

So far we don't provide interpretations, according to some astrologers a VOC planet in a birth horoscope shows that the person is going to be passive, under influence of past events or lost in the area ruled by the planet.

Void of Course is calculated for the seven traditional planets and the three modern ones. Asteroids can be added if requested.

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It is not recommended to enter geography manually