Aquarius – The Individualist

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Aquarius is the visionary individualist of the Zodiac. Read more about the eleventh sign of the Zodiac.

Characteristcs: A strong, masculine sign ruled by Uranus (traditionally it used to be Saturn). Aquarius connects firmness of the fixed sign and sociability and rampancy of the water element with dogmatism of Saturn and individualism of Uranus. This sign has an uncommon, unpredictable or even rebellious temperament full of contradictions which loves freedom, originality and progress.


Temperament:  Sanguine

Complementary opposite sign: Leo

Symbolic picture: smoke, clouds

Zodiac phase: 11th – reorganisation

In humanistic astrology Aquarius symbolizes the ability to create and express oneself in a broader social and collective context.

Relationships with other signs: Aquarius is compatible with air signs – Libra and Gemini, he can establish a friendly relationship with Aries and Sagittarius, but there is tension between him and other fixed signs – Taurus and Scorpio.

Nature: Aquarius personality is very liberal, these people will not let anyone hold them down or restrict them. Strong desire for freedom and independence is the source of their rebellious attitudes. Their temperament is usually unconventional, friendly, inventive and tolerant, focused on the progress and everything unusual. In the negative sense, Aquarius people may be unpractical, irresponsible, eccentric, cold and dogmatic. Their rapid influx of thoughts and subsequent surprising actions make them quite unpredictable. They often happen to be in the role of outsiders which they like to play because of their revolutionary attitude. Genius and insanity are not this close to each other in any other zodiac sign. In his brilliant world of ideas Aquarius feels lonely and misunderstood because he knows few people who understand his unresting inventive spirit and can share it. Aquarius seldom lets anyone get closer to him, he usually prefers open friendly relationships from overly intimate connections. He deviates from the crowd and goes his own way because he feels the urge to show the world his uniqueness, therefore he may look like a weirdo, in the better case, like a crazy clown or a strange eccentric. It is difficult to understand his nature and even harder to predict his reactions or moods because he is a person full of paradoxes and contradictions. Despite his deeply rooted solitary inclinations and tough individualism, he will rather join various groups and societies in order to make his often revolutionary humanistic or progressive dreams and ideals come true. Aquarius likes breaking the rules and dumping conventions and routine. His non-conformity, originality and eccentricity drag him towards inadaptability easily. He struggles to get rid of the class distinctions and set up equality between the master and the slave, man and woman, black and white... Aquarius people go for real utopia - individual freedom and breaking the rigid old structures. They posses the great ability of abstraction which helps them to see things in a broader perspective. They may have a slight sense for reality but they often build castles in the air. Their Ego may sometimes be weak and their uncontrolled inferiority complex may lead to dangerous self-underestimating and depressions.

Appearance: Elongated face, receding forehead, dark eyes, light wavy hair, medium, well-built and symmetrical figure, broad shoulders, fresh pale skin, usually handsome person but possesing rather weaker sexappeal (valid mostly in case there is an ascendant, since each person reflects several elements from whole horoscope. Appearance may be strongly influenced mainly by the ascendant planet.)

Body: Legs, shins, calves, nervous system, blood and blood circulation

Predispositons to diseases: varicose veins, venous ulcers, leg cramps, leg fractures, blood circulation problems, sepsis, low or high blood pressure

Professional dispositions: all the occupations connected with progress, forecasting and future – engineer, IT engineer, meteorologist, science worker, pilot, technician, electrotechnician, inventor; occupations focused on communication and the audience – orator, TV or radio presenter, technical or creative worker in the movie industry, electrical appliance constructor or repairman, toy shop or joke shop owner; the occupations connected with arts – movie industry, photography, abstract arts

Fatal influence:  The analogy of the 11th House of the individual horoscope – general influence on success, fulfilled wishes, friendship, group activities, protection and parents' property.

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