Saturn Trine Moon Transit

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At this point in time you should have your emotions well under control, do not hesitate and use that to start up any activity requiring patience and endurance.

This is also a good time for important decisions since your best asset right now is your cautious and sophisticate approach to things.

The occasional bouts of depression are at best explained by the personal maturation that is happening right now.

Shift your focus more towards your inner life or opt for spending more time with the people closest to you.

There is no need to try to take the center stage at any price, better keep your head down.

That recent deeper insight into most matters should be used to make sense of any friction, be it an inside conflict of yours or a disagreement with the people around you.

Complications during this period of time might be resolved with a helpful hand from the more mature part of the female population.

Purchase or sale of real-estate during this time might prove advantageous.

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