Saturn Conjunction Moon Transit

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Your might not be currently in the very best spirits and the reason just might be some medical or financial complications, but there is also the possibility that some emotional maturity is finally showing up, making you stronger.

This period of time is more conducive to feelings of melancholy and homesickness, possibly in connection with some sort of alienation or separation from your loved ones or your home soil.

Overtly glum or aloof behaviour may only cause you more harm, therefore try to hold on to the feeling of contentment as much possible (even if only for appearance's sake) even when facing up to the unpleasant truth.

Learning to control your emotions appears to be the main task of this period of time.

Do not let the feeling of obligation towards others drag you down.

Now is the time to take the spiritual life around you more seriously.

If you plan to buy or sell any real-estate, put the idea on the backburner for now.

Trouble in the family would not be unexpected.

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