Pluto Square Sun Transit

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The occurrence of a crisis in your life might force you to drastically change your previous attitudes.

Currently there is no use in turning away from the darker sides of your personality, this time you will have to face them.

Be careful to not ignore any social taboos, or the feelings of others, at present it might not be worth it.

You might tend to more bossy behaviour than usual, try and keep it under control, otherwise there might be a lot of damage as the result.

All the wrong that you ever caused is now coming back to haunt you.

Try to take the good old middle-road and avoid any extremes.

This period of time should have some cleansing as well as transforming effect and it also might compel you to a profound rebirth of your own personality.

Do not be afraid to have a deeper look into your own soul, for instance by meditating or applying various psychological methods.

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