Pluto Square Mercury Transit

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Your nervous system might be sneakily coming under more and more pressure.

You might get faced with circumstances which might force you to openly speak out and take a clear stance.

Do not try to verbally manipulate but also stay alert and do not let anyone fool you.

Avoid particularly extreme opinions and any form of strict judgement.

The saying „You have made your bed, now lie in it“ will now be twice as much true as usual.

At present you might tend to suffer from depressions or dark thoughts and while that tendency will only get more stronger, your intellect will ultimately profit from the strength gained.

Now more than ever you will be fascinated by taboos and forbidden topics.

Be careful so that you do not lose control over the process of getting to know more.

Overall this influence tends to cause a crisis affecting your thought process or the sum of your knowledge, leading you to a change in the way you think.

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