Pluto Sextile Mars Transit

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Your subconscious hidden strengths are ready to manifest.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this especially when dealing with difficult tasks.

Currently your ability to overcome even extreme obstacles and handle pressure should be several times better than usual.

You should be also able to recuperate and regenerate any spent energy much more easily.

If in order to get what you want you usually tend to behave rather indifferently or even diplomatically, during this time you could benefit more from handling things more resolutely.

Going for all or nothing may currently be well worth the effort and there definitely might be some moments where you will have to prove it.

In conflict situation and when pursuing your goals try to sneakily employ some mental ammunition, your gains should be worth it.

This constellation is beneficial for trying to get your own way as well as trying to come to terms with yourself, control your emotions or mental struggles.

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