Neptune Square Venus Transit

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Your confused feelings might bring chaos into your relationships with other people.

When it comes to your love life be careful not to fall for some alluring illusion, right now it might cost you dearly.

This influence tends to somewhat weaken one’s moral compass, simply because your ability to resit temptation is slowly but surely disappearing.

Do not be afraid to resist following the crowd, instead try to swim against the tide.

Allow yourself a realistic look at your emotional issues, and while you should resist the urge to simply escape from them be careful about deciding on doing anything too drastic here.

Your love life or friendships during this period of time might see to it that you experience some humiliation, be it a warning to you that you should guard your heard carefully and do not give it away easily.

Now would be a good time to focus your emotions more on the group than on individual people, it should help you to avoid disappointment.

This period of time might have adverse effect on relationships, love matters or investments.

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