Neptune Square Sun Transit

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Watch out for machinations and illusions, during this period of time your ego is in a seriously weakened state.

Currently your adversaries have a better chance to keep up with you or even deal a blow to your ego.

Do not let yourself get swayed by too-good-to-be-true promises or visions (and beware of frauds, charlatans and sects).

Also try to avoid glorifying your own persona because that might easily get out of hand and end in a number of delusions.

Particularly proud people might find themselves subject to some ridicule during these days, the current influence should however point them (but not only them) towards some humility and an examination of their own behaviour.

Disorientation, confusion, chaos, distortion of reality or straight up escape from might also play a big part during the reign of this constellation.

If you manage to keep your feet on the ground, this down-to-earth approach might just become your greatest asset during this time.

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