Neptune Square Mars Transit

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Your current activities might get jeopardised by confusion and illusions, do not let them take control of your entire being.

Think carefully about where to focus your energy, currently you are much more prone to pursue some hardly productive and rather nebulous goals.

People with somewhat weaker moral compass will currently be more inclined to make their way by lying and misusing their power.

Overall this constellation tends to weaken your physical constitution, your will or your moral principles.

If you decide to remain passive, be prepared for some unpleasant consequences.

During this time do not try to pursue anything too important, especially when it comes to group matters, otherwise your efforts might just easily backfire and garner some negative feedback.

Your current actions might also provoke some mockery or aggression directed your way.

The influence occurring right now should bring any your misleading desires to an end and also revive your more instinctive and compassionate side.

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