Neptune Opposition Mercury Transit

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Be careful with what you are saying and try to keep your tongue in check as one of the most prominent traits of this constellation is the awkwardness following after putting your foot in it.

What might also suffer is your concentration, giving leeway to bouts of forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

Try to keep your imagination firmly under control and spare yourself a lot of trouble.

Your reasoning these days tends to be more irrational than usual, impairing your good sense.

That is why during this time you might easier fall pray to some scam or machination (on the contrary, people with a somewhat weaker moral compass might feel that now is a great time for some trickery).

Not to mention that your poor nerves are more susceptible than ever, giving leeway to negativity in your thinking.

This period of time does not particularly lend itself to entering into contract or signing documents related to travelling.

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