Jupiter Trine Venus Transit

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If your love life has not been hit by a stroke of luck so far, now it is high time to change that.

This constellation should provide the self-confidence to either try to pursue the one you desire or to repair any damaged relationships.

Possible scenarios include an improvement of your emotional life thanks to a new acquaintance or a better understanding of someone.

Your cordial and kind behaviour during this time is bound to win you more sympathy than ever among your peers which may lead to the acquisition of a fair share of useful contacts.

Your current predisposition for sociable behaviour and the harmonic nature of your relationships contribute to the overall good atmosphere, fun and various celebrations.

You definitely feel like living it up.

One typical occurrence during this period of time may be financial benefits, suitable investments or the possibility of affluence appearing within your reach.

New room for development might arise in connection to arts, finances or your partner.

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