Jupiter Trine Jupiter Transit

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This might be the time during which the efforts to extend your influence or improve your social standing may finally pay off.

Your self-confidence, education and the support of someone influential should provide you with a possibility to thrive and flourish.

Any hard work that you might have done on yourself is starting to bring in results now.

People given to scholarly pursuits should not hesitate to invest more energy into further studies.

If you are more of a traveller, it is time to dust of your travelling shoes and get back on the road to faraway countries.

Anyone more spiritually inclined just might find a new way to connect with the power above us.

Keep in mind that sometimes optimism and trust in your own abilities can go a long way.

Beware of excess and failure to exercise proper self-control, they might prove to be a stepping stone to health and financial problems.

Now might be a good time for financial dealings or attending to any property.

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