Jupiter Sextile Moon Transit

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Your cheerful disposition and generosity just might help you to gain more favour with the people close to you, leading to a state of happiness.

Possible scenarios include family happiness or a joyous state brought on by a person of the female persuasion.

During this phase you tend to attract the favour of your peers and the society in general, try to profit from that, especially if your reputation could use a boost and you happen to earn your keep by engaging in any kind of public appearances.

Do not be surprised if you suddenly become fairly popular.

However, if you are more the shy type, this aspect lends itself perfectly to an expansion of your inner life and your emotional side.

Your current good relationships with female persons in your life will play a big part in smoothing out any conflicts with your relatives.

Financial affairs or any kind of real-estate business should currently cause no unnecessary complications.

Depending on your circumstances, a change of the place of your residence or a change in your financial situation may prove to be beneficial.

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