Jupiter Sextile Mercury Transit

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Look out for some good news or possibly a solution to a long-term problem renewing your upbeat attitude.

If you have been waiting for the right moment to commit to an agreement or conclude a contract, do it now and it should go off without a hitch.

Feeling more confident in your reasoning powers and verbal skills do not hesitate and employ them when facing exams, study time or job interviews - the luck will be on your side.

Certain types of personalities might wish to use this period of time to put their profit-related plans (business pursuits) to practice, as those might be blessed by luck as well.

Some plain and simple common sense and a keener perception help with your decision-making.

Any intellect-related undertakings or affairs based on reason will probably be received favourably by your surroundings.

This period of time lends itself particularly for travelling or tackling legal issues.

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