Jupiter Opposition Venus Transit

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Keeping your eating or drinking habits balanced might prove somewhat of a challenge during this period of time, possibly giving way to significant problems.

If you have been saving money for a long time, now is the time to be careful to not spend it too quickly.

Better not start any too exhausting activities because of the indolence currently too deeply ingrained within your lifestyle which would cost you a lot of energy to overcome.

The urge to indulge your senses will be at its strongest at this time, you should therefore try to be careful about any unnecessary splurges or debauchery as the risk of various complications (predominantly of the health variety) is now bigger than ever.

Your relationships currently suffer from slightly more indifference and negligence than is usual on your part, so please do try and keep away from unnecessary conflicts.

This might prove to be somewhat difficult due to your tendency to exaggerate the often truly insignificant missteps of your partner.

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