Jupiter Opposition Moon Transit

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This particular period of time may require that you put away any excessive emotions, otherwise you risk causing a lot of harm.

Try to remain calm and avoid tense situations because currently your feelings and emotions tend to be exaggerated.

Even a rather unimportant event may cause an overreaction on your part which you may regret later.

Depending on your personality this period of time may inspire feelings of superiority or indifference towards the world around you or even your own deeds, more often than not this may lead to you having to make amends for that.

Your moral integrity might be in jeopardy, pay close attention to those who might wish to exploit this particular weakness of yours (to damage your reputation for instance).

Beware of missteps due to bouts of irrational whims.

This period of time should help you to get to know your emotions and true needs better.

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