Jupiter Opposition Mercury Transit

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During this period of time your reasoning and the way you communicate might be prone to exaggeration, which easily may lead to miscalculations or things getting carried too far.

The momentary feeling that you can do no wrong may often spoil the atmosphere of congeniality during meetings or negotiations, therefore you should try to steer away from such behaviour at all costs.

However, a bit of boasting and a convincing tone may do wonders for your business activities and the acquisition of new customers.

Then again, this period of time should be exceptionally rife with encouragement for dishonest and deceitful action.

If you believe that honesty is the best policy you better postpone your current plans since the attention to detail and rational thinking currently are not one of your best assets.

It is dangerous to underestimate the obstacles and put too much unjustified faith in your own brains (beware of a devil-may-care approach to decision-making).

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