Jupiter Conjunction Sun Transit

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During this phase your self-confidence gets a boost and you should try to capitalize on that when asserting yourself and getting your plans across.

Stepping-up your social ambition and initiative at this time can easily sway some luck and success your way.

Within your grasp now lies personal development and further growth of your identity, framed as either the pursuit of travel, studies or the discovery of your more spiritual side.

Possible scenarios also include a promotion, positive change in your financial circumstances or a new acquaintance who will prove beneficial.

Having greater than usual energy positively reflects in your health as well.

Typical traits also include zest for life and a passing bout of light-heartedness.

You tend to gravitate towards more refined company which just might be a prelude to meeting some influential people who might turn out to be of use at a later stage of your life.

The time to solve any legal trouble you might have is now.

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