Jupiter Conjunction Mars Transit

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Your goals, plans and various pursuits should be invigorated by a bout of renewed optimism and energy.

Putting your foot down or showing courage during this period of time may just gain you a lot of bonus points, so don’t hesitate and use it to your advantage.

Your current high level of energy as well as some good old-fashioned luck may lead to success in various ongoing disputes and conflicts (in matter of the court for instance).

Now it’s also definitely the time to show some truly meaningful initiative.

No matter what worries you have to put aside for that you will certainly not come to regret it.

If you are somebody who enjoys being physically active (maybe some sports?), your skills and will power in this area might receive some appreciation.

The strong desire to win or make new conquests which has been rearing its head for some time will now definitely need to be acknowledged, so you better find yourself some suitable and useful projects to work on.

In terms of health, any positive impacts of physical activities or exercise will now be stronger than ever.

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