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Find out what it means for your relationship when your synastry chart contains the male partner's Pluto in square to the female partner's Ascendant.

neg This aspect shows a Disharmonic influence, which means that it presents challenges, obstacles and differences. There is tension, friction or even mutual exclusivity. For some this might add interest and necessary dynamics, but for others it can be detrimental.

The weight of this aspect ranges from Supplemental to Relevant depending on the orb. In exact orbis this aspect ranks on our importance scale in the third most important group of influences (from five) and is rated behind Very Important and Important as a Relevant influence. However, with the widest orbs it will be ranked as Supplemental.

A Relevant influence is part of the basic setup of the relationship, it is often felt on it's own and frequently manifests in shared situations, but is seldomly capable to break or hold a relationship together on it's own.

A Supplemental influence is part of the peripheral experiences of the couple, it manifests in some shared situations and is mostly part of a pool of possible aiding or conflicting potentials.

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Aspect Interpretation

From the female (Ascendant owner) point of view the male partner (Pluto owner) behaves quite invasively, possessively or defensively and shy. Depending on how the male partner experiences his Pluto, the feeling can be that the female presence is either something that needs to be possessed, controlled and reshaped to fit the male need or something too revealing of his hidden sides. Therefore the male partner can react either inwards and defend, hide and secure what he feels overexposed now, or outwards towards the female behaviour, appearance, general image or social contacts, which he feels the need to reshape.

The female partner in this relationship behaves in a manner that somehow threatens the hidden side of the male one and activates buried insecurities. This can happen on many different levels very much depending on the involved signs, houses and aspects and the general status of the involved Pluto and Ascendant. In other words how one will feel provoked depends on what has been buried, how much one is aware that something has been buried. Also, and probably most importantly how one will act to this sensation depends on his personality setup.

From the male perspective the possible outcomes here range from trying to be invisible in the presence of the female partner up to been shocked about one's own resurfacing feelings and either trying to control them or change the source that makes them resurface.

To learn more about the personality setup of the male partner you can use our Free Personal Horoscope. Pay special attention to the situation of Mars, Venus and Pluto. The male partner's Mars will show how he asserts himself. The Venus will show what importance is assigned to cooperation and pleasing. Together they allows you to form a picture of his most probable reaction pattern. If necessary you can get a more detailed picture of the Venus with our Free Love Horoscope. While the Pluto will show how aware this person is of his hidden side.

This aspect is more likely to act as an evolutionary factor in the relationships and urge the partners to learn and grow personally through conflicting situations. In the early stages of a relationships and especially in the first encounters this aspect might cause intense attraction, repulsion or be the cause of very few interactions.

Key Features from our Relationship Horoscope Report:

The male partner creates enormous pressure on the female partner's personality. He wishes to control her behaviour by building obstacles or refusing her basic life attitude. There are fights for power, powerful passion and intense emotions in their cohabitation.

Note: The Key Features are adapted to identify the male and female partner based on form input.

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