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Having trouble to calculate a horoscope on HYS? This is a guide on data entry and the form on Horoscope Yourself

Most horoscopes require input in three to five fields. For example the Lunar Calendar requires only three fields, while the Daily Horoscope requires five (name, date, time, city + date of calculation).

Registered users that save their horoscope data and use the prefill function have to fill in only one field.

Prefilling the form

Registered users can save their frequently used data and preload them when needed. This option makes form fill-out very comfortable, blink-of-an-eye experience. Currently every user can save up to 100 data sets. Use the search field at the top to search and avoid unnecessary scrolling. For more about how to save data see below.

Saving new horoscope data to memory

To save data go to Settings -> Saved Horoscope Data -> and click the "this form" link which leads to this form. There you can enter data and save them by submitting the form. 

The other option is to use any form that contains a Name Field and pick "Create New" from the Prefill bar. A "Save to memory" checkbox appears at the bottom. Make sure it is checked before you hit the "Submit" button. 

If you edit a field in the form, summary of the form data will be presented next to the "Save to memory" checkbox.

Manual fill-out

The Name field requires at least three letters and should contain the name of the person, event or any description that is useful for the user to identify the horoscope (will be made optional in future versions)

The Date field can be filled by manually typing the date with forward slashes in DD/MM/YYYY format (for example 18 December 1975 is 18/12/1975) or by utilizing the calendar.

Please note that the available date range in the current version of Horoscope Yourself is between the year 1800 and 2100.

The Time Field can be filled by manually typing the time value in HH:MM format (1:43 pm will work as 13:43) or by utilizing the slides in the time picker.

The City Field uses autocomplete for all cities with more than 1000 inhabitants as of 2014. Pay attention to the time zone and coordinates of the chosen city. Especially European cities have multiple doppelgangers across the ocean. See more about geography below.

Geography Note

If you are trying to enter geographical data manually, be aware that this page uses the international convention of marking longitude eastward of the prime meridian as plus and westward as minus. You can read more about it here. This convention is often not applied in North and South America, therefore users coming from the Americas should use the autocomplete feature or prefill feature instead of manual entry.


My Aires planets are in the 4th house,not 10th house as stated.