HoroscopeYourself Moves To BETA 2

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After a break the project moves forward with a new look, new sections and new functions.

HoroscopeYourself has a new look, new sections and new features. But first and foremost: my apologies to all the users I didn't reply to in the last months, the development of this version really consumed a lot of energy. 

What is new?

Mobile-friendly user interface

Aspect Pattern Calculator

Transits to Progressions and Conversions

Progression Calculator

Personal Experiences Database

More details in all horoscopes

What are the next steps?

The New Mobile-friendly UI

Good news for mobile device users, HoroscopeYourself should work a lot better on all mobile devices. 

The new form looks bigger but should be easier to use with keyboard and mobile touch screen.

Fill-in three to five fields in most horoscopes (only one if you prefill the form from memory). Read more about the form here.

Check out all the redesigned screens and if you find something that you like, dislike or something that is not working properly let me know. All your input is appreciated.

The Aspect Pattern Calculator 

The Aspect Pattern Calculator is quite a unique functionality in the world of computerized astrology. I can recall only one good desktop calculator and no online version. Our Aspect Pattern Calculator calculates 23 different patterns composed of 10 astrological planets.

Because HYS is a free service with limited server capacity this first version is available for registered users only (registration is free) and doesn't provide additional options. You can input a time and place and see if and what patterns have occurred there. Additional information show the involved planets, if the pattern is exact and in case of triangular patterns, the apex planet.

I am already working on adding elements and qualities to additional information. If the first version works out well, then planet, pattern and time-range specific search will follow.

Below is how a search result currently looks like: a Golden Yod with Moon, Mars and Uranus involved where the Moon is at the apex. The pattern is not exact (else it would say so under "Exact")


Transits to Progressions and Conversions

This is an advanced astrological prediction technique. If you never heard of progressions and related transits these are actually very useful. You can read more about them here.

Currently this section provides the same interpretations as those used by the Daily Horoscope. That is because transits to directed and progressed charts are somewhat weaker transits, so the actual interpretation would be very similar. The other reason is that we are really working towards an aggregated scored horoscope and we need to have some live exposure first.

Progression Calculator

Progressions are also another advanced technique, for more see the Progression Calculator page. The Progression Calculator currently offers progressions and conversions calculations, but we don't provide any interpretations yet. The report shows transitions between houses, signs and current aspects. A midpoint report is also included.

Personal Experiences Database

A major transit is ahead and all the astrological theory offers no clear picture of what to expect ? Getting tired of searching the web for personal experiences with transits? The Personal Experience Database is a long-term project that should solve these issues by collecting and sorting experiences of users and presenting them to everybody.

Instead of browsing the web for old forum threads and reading lengthy debates in search for information, we would like to collect your experiences in one database and present them to anybody in need for real-life information. Our astrologers will moderate and sort out all posted input to guarantee that the presented information is on topic and useful.

The privacy of all our users is our topmost priority and this project has been built with respect to each contributor's privacy. Anonymous posts are possible and welcomed. The moderating astrologer will not know the identity of the contributor at any time. The submited experiences remains under the control of the contributor at all times and they can be deleted whenever convenient.

If you wish to help us start this project and to contribute look for the orange bold "Add your experience" link.

More details in all horoscopes

Initially we had the idea that active users should get some extras and we created a premium version consisting mostly of additional summaries and CPU-intensive calculations. The logic was to dedicate more server power to those who use our service more frequently, but the idea didn't get implemented in the current version yet due to testing issues. Instead we focused the testing on the actual horoscopes, forms and UI, and decided to make all the extras available to all registered users. 

Therefore, all horoscopes and calculators provide more details about the conditions of each aspect. See below an aspect from the Personalized Daily Horoscope:

When displaying transiting midpoints you can notice an "A" and "S" which stands for "Applicative" and "Separative" and together with the orbis serves to give you a notion of it's strength and evolution.

Similarly the Year Horoscope will show for each month and aspect the day with the narrowest orbis. It will also mark when a slow moving planet (Jupiter to Pluto) becomes static as that often intensifies the effect and makes it much more important. 

Usually there is between 40-80 aspects in each synastry chart, which is a lot. We introduced aspect categories before to make sense of the influences and their strength but we felt more is necessary. To make it easier to navigate and make sense of all the information two new features have been added to the Relationship Horoscope. One is an "Aspect Analysis" sub-section at the bottom of "The Dominant Features" pane. This will give you a basic overview of counts, strengths, types, abundance or absence of aspects in the synastry.

A scale to aspect relevance has been created with five categories: Very Important aspects are formed by the most personal bodies in very tight orbs, Important aspects have wider orbs, Relevant aspects include objects of secondary importance in a variety of orbs. Supplemental and Marginal categories speak for them self.

The other feature is a filter panel to sort by planet, aspect type, orbis, category, effect and relevance. 

What comes next?

It is important to note that this version is more of a transitive version moving towards HYS BETA 2.5. From the programming perspective Horoscope Yourself is a one man hobby-project and at some point in time the development started to take too long. Some sections have been finished months ago but couldn't been deployed due to fundamental differences between the first and second version. Some functions have been "sitting" for months without use on the development machine.  So, a decision has been made to deploy the new version as it is and continue finishing the rest during its run.

The most important thing I am going to focus on now is to get rid of the "This interpretation is not ready yet ..." line. We still have translation issues but a lot has been translated since the last version. I tried to add as much as I could but there is still some interpretations missing and I will focus on fiding them and filling these gaps. The other thing that is currently missing is free access to all our interpretations. That happened because of a change in the content-management system and scrapping the old one. Now all the interpretations need to be loaded in to the new system. So, please have patience, it will take a while to do that.

As you can see the new version has got some new functions and while all of them were tested thoroughly, it is reasonable to expect some bugs will appear. Let me know if you find some I will be checking regularly and fixing them as soon as possible.

Some functions from the old version have been omitted because of their lower importance (for example user search and the point system). I am planning to bring them back soon, however their importance still remains secondary to horoscopes and astrological calculations. It is likely that upgrades of the Aspect Pattern Calculator will have precedence. Following functionalities are mostly done but require fine tuning and testing:

Chart Shape Calculator (buckets, bowls ...)

Arabic Parts Calculator (Part of Fortune, etc,)

Solar and Lunar revolution calculator (it is planned to become an interpreted horoscope report later)

We also think about including more astrological phenomena like Solar and Lunar eclipses and Void of Course occurrences. Many users demand other house systems, and yes, astrological settings are in the making as well.

News will be announced here on the page and on our  

Post questions or raise issues in our forum or sent them to Please keep in mind that this is a free service handled by a very small group of people.


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