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- is most commonly connected with the Ruler of the 7th House positioned in the 8th House, damaged by either Saturn or Pluto. This constellation may (or may not) indicate premature death of the native’s spouse. Other possible variants include tense aspects made by the Sun and Saturn or Pluto (women’s horoscope) or by the Moon and Saturn or Pluto (men’s horoscope). A multiple times accentuated pair Venus-Saturn or Venus- Pluto (for example, the position of Pluto in the 7th House and Venus in Scorpio) refers to a life event that may cause death of the native’s spouse. Traditional astrology used to assign widowhood to the fixed star Vindemiatrix, when the Sun (women’s horoscope), the Moon (men’s horoscope) or Venus (both) were in a close proximity to it.


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