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- is generally associated with the planet of surprises and sudden changes – Uranus (or with damaged Jupiter connected to the 7th House). Divorced people usually have damaged Uranus in the 4th or 7th House, inharmonic aspects of Uranus to the Sun (in women’s horoscope) or inharmonic aspects of Uranus to the Moon (in both women’s and men’s horoscope). It must be noted that such constellations do not necessarily mean divorce. On the other hand, there are several possible constellations in addition to those related to Uranus, which may indicate the reasons (e.g. Neptune – betrayal, addictive husband, Mars – domestic violence, Saturn – excessive workload, distance). The time of divorce is often indicated by transits (or directions) of Uranus in a tense aspect or a conjunction to the Descendant (Immum Coeli), Venus, the Sun (in women’s horoscope) or the Moon (in men’s horoscope). These constellations may refer only to a relationship crisis, while inharmonic transits of Jupiter often refer to the legal side of things.


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