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free interpretations & chart drawing; relationship analytics; mutual competition; shared similarities; shared weaknesses; scoring of influences; aspect categories; midpoints; Chiron; Lilith; North Node; Vertex;

This relationship horoscope is based on real astrology and horoscope comparation called synastry. Its many analytical features give it advantages that come really close to real-life astrologers. Altogether they make this service unique while still remaining FREE.

This is a FREE astrological service that provides chart interpretations of the western astrological tradition in length of 25 - 35 pages of personalized information. This includes planet interpretations by mutual aspect, analysis of the dominant relationship features, mutualy activated midpoints, chart drawing and a aspect filters. 
Please note that this horoscope is specifically designed to provide a comparison of male and female charts (the upper and lower part of the form respectively). Interpretations, aspect categories and scoring system have been customized for this purpose.
Mutual Competition tells you about the strengths of one partner that the other is missing and therefore he/she may benefit from them. Typically a partner who has a weak eastern hemisphere (lack of individuality) may feel greatly fulfilled by a partner with a strong eastern hemisphere. Mutual Competition adds balance to the relationship and has a positive impact.
Shared Similarities are personality traits which are strong in both partners. If for instance both partners have a dominant Mars and overall indicators are favorable it may end up as an "Italian-style" relationship, fueled by sexuality and full of disagreements and fights. Shared Similarities add more of the same to the relationship and depending on other indicators and depending on the way this energies are handled by the partners, the impact of this section is more neutral.
Shared Weaknesses are about the traits that both partners lack. In a relationship where both partners lack fixed sign types in their personal horoscopes the affairs tend to be more erratic, while stability and endurance is hard to be found. Shared Weaknesses show where the relationship has a tendency to preserve and enhance bad behavioral patterns or missing abilities and provide a measure of negative impacts.
Additional Information is composed of useful and important information about the relationship, like aspect category abundance or deficiency, house emphasis or the soli-lunar phase of the Composite Horoscope.
To calculate all of this we use the following indicators:
Hemisphere emphasisMutual aspect type prevalance
Zodiac quarter emphasisSign quality emphasis
Preferred relationship typeSign elements emphasis
House quality emphasisRadix aspect type pervalence
Mutual house emphasisMercury relationship to the Sun
Venus relationship to the Sun
Radix planet dominance
Composite soli-lunar phaseAspect categories
Radix soli-lunar phase

Aspect by Type

key Key Aspects – Show a direct, strong contact. There is intense feelings of sympathy or antipathy. Direct understanding, personal similarities or differences that create balance in a couple.


emo Emotional Aspects – Tell about emotional or spiritual contact, about love, hatred and strong emotions in general. Perceptiveness, tenderness or emotional and inner misunderstandings.


upl Uplifting Aspects – Give a punch of interest but can be destabilizing and break ties. Easy going feelings, a lot of freedom, no stereotype and routine or also no bounds at all.


fre Friendly Aspects – Are good for communication, many common topics, similar interests and opinions, often the same way of thinking.


bar Communication Barrier Aspects – Bring obstacles to communication, misunderstandings, differences in thinking and opinions and often few common topics.


att Attraction Aspects – Show passion, a spark, tensions, attraction from one or the other side. Sexual energy that can last for a moment or burn long.


kar Karmic Aspects – Indicate controversial connections, a bond despite tensions, hardship of letting go.


tra Traumatic Aspects – Indicate frustration, misunderstandings, conflicts, tensions that drain. These are hard to live with and tend to cause separation.


pos Harmonic Aspects – Show similarities, opportunities to share and compatible behavioral patterns. There is a sense of understanding, ability to adapt and support each other.


neg Disharmonic Aspects – Show challenges, obstacles and differences. There is tension, friction or even mutual exclusivity. For some this might add interest and necessary dynamics but for others it can be detrimental.


neu Neutral Aspects – Show a mixed potential, opportunities or challenges that will manifest depending on additional factors.


Aspects By Influence

A Very Important influence is crucial and strongly felt. Together with Important influences they show the immediate interactions and the most likely terms of encounter and relations between the partners.

An Important influence forms the basic setup of a relationship, it is strongly felt and will be quick to manifest. These influences show where immediate sympathy or antipathy forms.

A Relevant influence is part of the basic setup of the relationship, it is often felt on it's own and frequently manifests in shared situations but is seldomly capable to break or hold a relationship together on it's own.

A Supplemental influence is part of the peripheral experiences of the couple, it manifests in some shared situations and is mostly part of a pool of possible aiding or conflicting potentials.

A Marginal influence is part of the peripheral experiences of the couple, it manifests only if other similar influences are present and is mostly part of a pool of possible aiding or conflicting potentials.

To read more about Synastry Aspect Categories go here.

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