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Our free relationship horoscope uses the synastry chart method and provides a interpreted partnership horoscope. It also assesses your astrological partnership compatibility in many relationship areas: friendship compatibility, attraction, communication compatibility and others. These categories are customized for male-female love relationships, soulmate search, assessing best love match but can also evaluate other types of interpersonal relationships. You can use this relationship report to identify weaknesses and strengths in family bonds, friendships or work relationships.

The biggest advantage is it's ability to get a quick overview and analysis of the present influences which makes it suitable to perform various horoscope comparations.

Beside the usual planet aspects we provide interpretations for aspects to the Sun/Moon midpoint, Vertex, North Node and the chart axes.

This is a FREE astrological service that provides free chart interpretations of the western astrological tradition in length of 25 - 35 pages of personalized information.
This free synastry report includes:
  • free aspect interpretations
  • Sun/Moon midpoint aspects interpretations
  • North Node aspects interpretations
  • Vertex aspects interpretations
  • Chiron, Lilith aspect calculation 
  • mutualy activated midpoints
  • analysis of the dominant relationship features
  • chart drawing
  • aspect filters

Mutual Competition tells you about the strengths of one partner that the other is missing and therefore he/she may benefit from them. Typically a partner who has a weak eastern hemisphere (lack of individuality) may feel greatly fulfilled by a partner with a strong eastern hemisphere. Mutual Competition adds balance to the relationship and has a positive impact.
Shared Similarities are personality traits which are strong in both partners. If for instance both partners have a dominant Mars and overall indicators are favorable it may end up as an "Italian-style" relationship, fueled by sexuality and full of disagreements and fights. Shared Similarities add more of the same to the relationship and depending on other indicators and depending on the way this energies are handled by the partners, the impact of this section is more neutral.
Shared Weaknesses are about the traits that both partners lack. In a relationship where both partners lack fixed sign types in their personal horoscopes the affairs tend to be more erratic, while stability and endurance is hard to be found. Shared Weaknesses show where the relationship has a tendency to preserve and enhance bad behavioral patterns or missing abilities and provide a measure of negative impacts.
Additional Information is composed of useful and important information about the relationship, like aspect category abundance or deficiency, house emphasis or the soli-lunar phase of the Composite Horoscope.
To calculate all of this we use the following indicators:
Hemisphere emphasis Mutual aspect type prevalance
Zodiac quarter emphasis Sign quality emphasis
Preferred relationship type Sign elements emphasis
House quality emphasis Radix aspect type pervalence
Mutual house emphasis Mercury relationship to the Sun
Venus relationship to the Sun
Radix planet dominance
Composite soli-lunar phase Aspect categories
Radix soli-lunar phase

A typical synastry chart has around 60 aspects, it can be tedious to sort them out for analysis and weigh them properly. For that reason, in our Relationship Horoscope, we are grouping aspects according to their category (type of effect) and their influence on the relationship (strength counted as overall relevance and orb). This way you can get a quick overview of the prevailing influences in a relationship chart and move from there to a detailed examination. 

To read more about Synastry Aspect Categories go here.

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