Progressions Calculator

Progressions are a broadly used astrological predictive method. There are many versions: primary progressions move all planets every year by the movement of the Sun at birth, they are called the Solar Arc progressions, or they treat each day after the birth as a year (secondary progressions) or apply these techniques backwards in time (conversions).

While the radix (the birth) horoscope tells one about the fundaments of one's life in its entirety, the progressions method is more particular, aimed at a specific time. Progressions (also called directions) move the radix in time to see where it is heading. The most used application of progressions is comparing the changed radix position to the radix itself and evaluate the changes to the individual.

The progressed planets and points represent the individual's current modification. That modification might not be big, it mostly depends on the time elapsed from birth and the individual setting of the birth horoscope. 

This is only a calculator, we don't provide interpretations.