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Astrology Transits Report, Daily Transit Horoscope, Personal Transit Chart

This horoscope report compares planet positions from your day of birth to the current positions and then calculates relevant influences. This predictive astrological method is called transits and it's one of the most common methods used. This is no generalized horoscope, the results are unique only for you and sorted by current influence.

Besides the usual transiting bodies Lilith transits and North Node transits with interpretations are included.

To get a better overview planet transiting houses, transits to birth midpoints and transiting midpoints are added.

Other useful variations of the transit method are to be found below as transits to progressed horoscope charts with transit interpretations:

  1. Transit To Solar Arc Directions
  2. Transit To Secondary Progressions
  3. Transit To Secondary Conversions

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It is not recommended to enter geography manually

It is not recommended to enter geography manually