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You have probably already encountered a calendar which gives advice based on moon phases – it either suggests or warns us about particular activities regarding our body or for instance our garden. The fact that the peaks of Lunar Cycle – the Full Moon and the New Moon - heavily influence our planet is no longer doubted even by the strict scientific community.

Waxing Moon – starts on the day after a New Moon and continues to grow until it turns into a Full Moon. During this phase water in plants and trees rises to their tops, which can be used for picking the fruit for immediate consumption – it gets juiciest during the culmination of the phase – a few hours before the Full Moon. On the contrary, during the Waning Moon (the phase between a Full Moon and a New Moon) water drops to the roots and the fruit picked during this phase is suitable for conservation. There are many different examples of how we can exploit the Lunar Cycle. You can find some tips in our Lunar Calendar.

We hope our information will be useful for you when facing such seemingly unsolvable situations as losing weight, hair care, disease prevention, auxiliary treatments or garden work.

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