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Ever heard of the Dominant Planet in a horoscope? This Love Horoscope is something like a Love Planet Dominance calculator with FREE interpretations. The Love Horoscope provides a full description of the way you as the subject of the horoscope understand love, relationships and friendship. This is useful for your own introspection as well as to learn about the desires of your loved ones. Especially if your relationship horoscope does not seem to provide the best outcomes, having the same type of understanding love may greatly compensate.

What does the Love Horoscope offer?

10 archetypes of love and friendship type descripton

Analysis based on personalized calculatioons

(not only sun sign, everybody is unique)

Detailed Calculation

(an astrologer would neet at least an hour to prepare one)

Deep Analysis

The usual love horoscopes focus on the sun sign and usually don't get the right picture. The Sun in astrology provides information about general personality traits and ego drive but not about love. Love affairs and relationships belong to the domain of Venus, the 7th house and to the sign of Libra.

The calculation basis for this report is very thorough and goes as far as including midpoint influences. Computerized astrology is utilized to great benefit here. We measured the time to do the work required for the calculation (with help of advanced astrological software) and it took around 70 minutes. If you would find an astrologer willing to do all the hard work, you still have to pay for his calculation time and on top of it also for the interpretation. Here you can find it all for free and in no time.

The report is a description of the energies that strongly affect love, relationships, attractions, desires and the type of friends. It also provides information about the most commonly made and repeated mistakes when having this type of predisposition, and there are also some tips how to avoid that.

All in all, there are 10 relationship types, each one derived from one of the planetary archetypes. The usual state is to have a mix of two or three strong archetypes. It is rare to have just one strong archetype or many equally strong influences. While the first type is clearly cut and specialized in relationships, the second type tends to encounter difficulties finding the ideal partner and understanding his/her own love ideal. Such emotional life can range from variety to complications, depending on how (in)compatible the strongest archetypes are.

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