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(Relationship Astrology)

Hello everyone,

I would like to hear your opinion on synastry chart on the link.

Does this combination has prosperous future?

Thank you

Hi majamaja,

this is rather a mixed chart. The conjunction of Moon to the Sun/Moon/Node/Saturn is strong. However, it would be better without Saturn. Also influences like Mars opposition Mercury, make things more complicated.

Hi Admin, yes but complicated how?

I know it has a lot of important aspects, but which one will prevail? Is it possible to see? There is Saturn aspects yes, but not only negative one, and in both natal charts Saturn is one of 3 top important planets, also this sun moon conjunctions are between 8-9 houses...

or I don't know, I would like to get some help or some other point of view rather than my own


we also have this terrible aspect pluto square mars, with mars conj asc, mars opp saturn, mars opp mercury, a lot of squares with each other venuses, sun square venus, jup square venus... maybe it is hopeless...

but i have hoped that maybe this trines with his asc and my sun and moon would help, or maybe his merc sextiles my sun and moon, my jup opposes his MC, his jup conjuncts my MC it's wider but still.. saturn trine his asc.. his saturn sextiles my venus, my neptune sextiles his venus... i know there is much work to do...

what should I look for in our natal charts to see if it fits in general picture?


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