Talent Triangles

(General Astrology)

I have a Talent Triangle in my natal chart involving Sun(virgo 10th), Neptune(Cap 2nd), and Pluto(Scorpio 1st). 

What is the general interpretation on this? I can't find much info online and this is the only site I've heard about this.

Thanks all!


Hi alexkate,

the general interpretation for the talent triangle (60 x 120 x 60) is the presence of in-born talents and abilities. Potentially a highly productive configuration depending on the apex planet. The two sextiles show room for self-realization and productive abilities. The trine shows the base on which this is going to happen.

What does a:

Novile Triangle with venus in apex mean?

Is this the same as a 'TRINE' I've tried searching google for it and - nothing.