(General Astrology)

Hi there,

Thanks for all the detailed interpretations you offer. I quite like this. What I miss is a description of the patterns (grand cross, grand trine aso. ) Also you don't list stelliums, and I think I have two of them (MC, moon, mercury and venus in sagittarius squaring my DC, mars, uranus and pluto in virgo). How does this go together? What do I think of this? Do they level each other out? I do appreciate your help, thanks.

Hi Butterfly,

thank you for the words of praise, really appreciate it, we have put a lot of work in this. As mentioned in other threads as well. We have such descriptions, but unfortunately not translated to English. The code for detecting stelliums and other shapes also exists but is not going to be deployed anytime soon, because of my health issues.

Are your planets closely in conjunction? For a stellium to work it's not sufficient for the planets to be in one sign, they also need to be grouped in a conjunction.

This is interesting - so if a Stellium is in the same sign it's not a Stellium? I think i have a Stellium can you check my chart if i'm correct?

A stellium is a conjunction of multiple planets.