seeking guidance

(Please Read My Chart)

I would love to hear your thoughts on my natal chart and am curious to know if anything in particular stands out to you.

I am specifically interested to hear any insight you may have in regards to growth or positive changes.

I've been feeling very lost and have been struggling to find any purpose in my life. I guess I'm searching for some sort of hope and trying to find some sense of direction. I've been in the dark for a very long time and would be very grateful if you could shed some light to maybe guide me towards healing.

I would love to hear your perspective and any input would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much


Hi Sam,

your progressed Sun just crossed into to Leo and is close to your Descendent. So, I would say your are still in the transition phase and you will find more purpose in relationships once the Sun crosses into the seventh house. Also your progressed Venus is changing sign, from Leo to Virgo, this processes is still at the begining. So, your preferences in relationships are currently changing singificantly and this might be stressing for your. But it will resolve and pass.

The confusion might be caused also by the progressed Ascendent being close to the transiting Neptun. This is something that just started however ...