Questions about a few things

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Hey, so I had a few questions about this site and maybe a suggestion.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you guys for creating this tool! There are very few online tools that provide a quality astrological analysis for free. This site is definitely in my top five of the tools I use for cross referencing information. For anyone curious, I primarily use astromatrix (for clear archetypal understanding with visuals), this app called time nomad (for transit accuracy), and this site.

1. Is “disonant” spelled correctly when used below?

“Mercury Trine Uranus

Disonant Separating Major aspect in orb 02° 27'”

2. I tried searching for the meaning of this type of aspect and couldn’t find anything specifying the difference in between “disonant” aspects, normal aspects, and exact aspects. I can only assume disonant aspects are weakened but how much more so than normal? And is it similar to the weakness of Separating aspects?

I guess my suggestion here is to have a dialog pop up box for detailing different aspect types and maybe change to the word dissonant if that is what it’s supposed to be.

Again, I love the site. It’s also easy on the eyes. I’m just trying to figure out the strength of my aspects and this is place to be for that.

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Hi jkaig,

thanks for the words of praise. We know about this problems and we have lots of texts to provide such detailed explanaiton. However, we miss translators as we aren't native to english language ...

Disonant means if you have Sun at the end of Virgo and Moon at the begining of Sagitarius, they are in signs that square each other but the planets for ma sextile. Thus creating a disonance. While the planets aren't in open conflict as if this was a square, they also have not much things to work on together.

Hope this makes the issue clearer for you.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for clarifying