progressed asc

(Relationship Astrology)

I wasn't sure where to put this question, but it is connected to progressions so here it is

If someone know how much big deal is when your partners progressed asc is exactly conjuncting your natal asc on the day your relationship started? his progressed asc and mc is exactly conj with my natal asc and mc.

I would be really grateful if someone know something about this and could leave a reply.


For example, I would tell that Virgos are absolutely perfectionists. They are really selective about who they date - who is he/she? what is my partner's job? what are his/her parents? But every horoscope sign keeper has his own features. Some people that this is a myth, some are believing in this. I haven't ever dated a Virgo, but our relationship is taurus and sagittarius .And I can tell that this is an absolutely struggle.