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ok, I'm a novice in Astrology, I've read everything I could find, about my chart, already. Now I got to this Point.

What do this Pattern mean? I googeld them but don't really get it?


if taking this pages Calculator, I've got:

Thor's Hammer, BlackKite, Octile Triangle, Mutable T-Square

what do they mean? is the last one only a real pattern because of the "Exact" at the end? Are this Pattern even necessary, or sholdn't I mind them and go on and look at something diffrent?

is the calculator for the natal chart in this page accurate? some patterns, aspects I don't really see if I look at for example at my chart in

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Hello AuroraPuffin,

all of these patterns are real, valid, accurate and legit The reason they don't show on is that, some of these consist of semi-squares and sesqui-squares and doesn't draw small squares by default (and even if setuped to do so, it uses a narrower orb, HYS uses 3° max for small square). Similarly, this pattern calculator searches for other small aspect patterns like septile triangels, quintiles triangels, novile triangels, that you aren't going to be able to se on, because doesn't draw such aspects by default.

Yes, the T-Square is going to be the strongest, not only because it's exact but also because it consists of major aspects and major aspects are the strongest aspects.

The BlackKite is actually a combination of Thor's Hammer and the Octile Triangel on top of it. The sameway as a Kite is a combination of a Grand Trine and a Talent Triangel. The Pattern calculator is writing out all patterns it finds, so if one pattern consists of two other patterns all three are going to be written out. So, it's probable that you have just the Mutable T-Square and the Black Kite. It depend's on the orb of the Mars-Saturn opposition (orbis 8° max) and also if all of the other planets reach them by small square (orbis 3° max). They seem to be a bit off, but I can't tell for sure form the picture you posted.

However, I don't have any general interpretation for the Black Kite translated into english. It's similar to the Kite pattern, but there aren't any helpful trines and sextiles to releave the pressure of the opposing planets via insight and creativity. Instead one solves the opposition via maladjustments, that lead to conflict and stress. You can get a picture from the translated interpretations of the Octile Traingel and Thor's Hammer bellow:

Octile triangle - dynamics, struggle, contradiction, self-assertion. Expression of personality in a dramatic and urgent way. Great activity and the promotion of desires and ideals. The configuration is linked to the Tarot Card of Justice, so one can find a balance between activity and inactivity, or fight and peace. Fast response to mistakes (quick discharging of karma).

Trioctile Triangle (Thor's Hammer) - Dynamics, turmoil, conflict, struggle. Like in the octile triangle, there is great activity and one is constantly looking for it's place under the sun. The configuration is also associated with the Tarot card, Justice, and one can oscillate between creative and destructive forces. The actions have a quick response in the form of reward or punishment. The focal planet is the target where the individual targets his energy.

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thanks for the information