Mercury and Venus retrograde in natal chart

(General Astrology)

Hello everyone,

I would like to hear your opinion and/or your experience how retrograde mercury and retrograde venus both in scorpio, effects on people who have them in their charts?

Especially when asc is in Gemini.

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Hi Majamaja,

I would say this is potentially conflicting, because Gemini is more extroverted and Mercury in Scorpio retrograde will be more oriented towards one's inner. The same goes for retrograde Venus in Scorpio. Can feel like you want to share and explore new things but really can not always act as open as you wish.

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But would this aspect make Venus retro person more prone to changing partners? Would r. Venus in scorp still be possessive and express all those qualities of direct Venus in scorpio? How would Venus like that interact with venus in aquarius?

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A retrograde Venus in Scorpio would make the Venus even more introverted. So, no I wouldn't expect it to work better with a Venus in Aquarius.