Defining the importance of Synastry chart aspects

(Relationship Astrology)

When it comes to synastry charts, I'm intrigued (and ignorant) of why or what makes a certain aspect more important than another.

For exemple, when I'm looking at my relationship synastry chart with my significant other, it says that our Sun Square Ascendant aspect

Orbis: 00° 21', is a Very Important Disharmonic one .

Now I wonder... What exactly makes that aspect "Very Important" compared to others which are only being considered as relevant or supplemental? For exemple, why is the Moon Square Venus Orbis: 03° 33', showing in that same synastry chart, is rather only considered a Relevant Disharmonic (thus, less important than the Sun Square Ascendant aspect) ?

Great web site by the way! One of the best I've found on astrology so far (and I've seen plenty).

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