Bremerton, WA has wrong latitude.

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The latitude for Bremerton, WA, USA should be -122 38 (122w38), and it says that in the menu on the form, but it's showing up as 22 38 (22e38) on the chart once I hit the submit button, which is screwing up everything!

Hi thetalkinghair,

i just checked for myself, it shows what it should: 122W38

See picture below:

I also checked the resulting chart with a astrological desktop sowftware and the results are identical. 



Maybe it's just this profile, then. I have make two profiles with the same person, and it autocompletes Bremerton at 22W38.

See my picture:

Maybe your saved horoscope data are wrong and the form gets prefilled with them. 

Go to Settings -> Account Settings -> click "Change Birth Data" -> Check "Enter Geography Manually" -> now you can see what your default geo settings are and you can fixed them there.

If that is another person check Settings -> Saved Horoscope Data --> create him again in the form and delete the old entry.

That seemed to fix it.

Edit: The error is coming from the Autofill from previous data part. I selected his chart and dropped down the manual geography section, and it had autofilled -122 as -22. I typed in the 1 before I hit the make chart button, and it worked fine.

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I am having this problem as well for longitude when using saved chart data. It seems like anytime the longitude is greater than 100, regardless of how it was inputted in originally, when the profile is selected the autofill data ends up incorrect and missing a digit. I think this is an error in the system in handling data larger than 2 digits.

This was not user error on the part of thetalkinghair and hopefully is fixed because you have a great website but if I didn't notice the error I would have found the data too unreliable to continue using the site.

And yes I have also tried deleting previous saved profile and re-entering and still have this issue.

Hi manabean,

thanks for raising this in such detail. I heard about this issue before but could not reproduce it. However, now I did and it should be fixed.

Let me know if you encounter it again or any other issue.

Excellent! Might I add one more piece of minor feedback on the UI...

On desktop the hamburger menu is on the top right, but when clicked on, the menu expands on the left instead, it is a minor thing but an annoyance on the longer term to constantly move the mouse across the website.

Thank you for listening!

I think about it and try it on the dev machine, it seemed to me that this way the menu doesn't hide any important controls. Not sure if that's so important ...

Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated!