8th house moon/ outter planet dominant but...

(General Astrology)

Hello All, trying to get some insight on my natal chart. I have an 8th house Aries moon and My most dominant planet is Neptune. My chart as a whole seems to be outter planet dominant with also Pluto in the 3rd, however my sun (cancer) mercury (Gemini), and Venus (cancer) are all in the 11th house. Also my north node is in the 10th. I feel like I’m a loner or just prefer the individual journey as oppose to groups. But I can’t help but think “after” seeing this am I not being progressive or fulfilling my purpose by not being more socialable. Thoughts?

Hi Corysavis22,

the whole chart would need to be analysed to answer this. But generaly, the 11th house doesn't mean that you should be sociable, but that the group/individual struggle will be defining in your life .. which seems to be correct.