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free interpretations; personalized calculation; influences sorted by importance; birth midpoints; transiting midpoints; Chiron transits; Lilith; North Node; Vertex; scoring of influences;

This is no generalized horoscope; the results are unique only for you. Our software compares positions of planets from your day and place of birth to the current positions and then calculates relevant influences. This astrological method is called transits and it is just one of the most common methods used.

Other useful variations of the transit method are to be found here as experimental functionality:

  1. Transit To Solar Arc Directions
  2. Transit To Secondary Progressions
  3. Transit To Secondary Conversions

Besides regular transits you can get an overview of your transited midpoints and also of midpoints transiting your sensitive horoscopic bodies.

This range of calculations is unique for an on-line service and would otherwise be available only after installing some expensive software on your computer. On Horoscope Yourself you can use it for FREE.

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It is not recommended to enter geography manually

It is not recommended to enter geography manually